A delicious dried fruit snack that gives back!

100% Ugandan pineapple, grown in community gardens that support the grandmas and their families.

Our social enterprise project empowers grandmothers who have had to take on the role of parent by providing them with the land, tools, and support they need to plant, grow, pick, and dry their own pineapples.

By purchasing our dried pineapples, you're not only getting a tasty snack, but you're also supporting sustainable incomes for families and communities in need.

With every bite of our sweet, air-dried pineapples, you're helping to provide essential resources to grandmothers and their families, enabling them to live healthier, happier lives.
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How do we support the grandmas?

Grandmas Gardens is a charity project that is lead by the women who benefit from the training, farm land, and profits.

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Fresh and juicy pineapples
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